Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2017 No 11


V. Bazarov The "New Silk Road": to the Issues of Strategic Cooperation between Russia and China (7-12)

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

O. Shabrov Modernization in the Postmodern Era (13-21)

L. Smorgunov The State, Cooperation and Inclusive Economic Growth (22-30)

L. Nikovskaya, M. Molokova The Role of Multi-Sectoral Partnerships in realization of the Potential of Socialistic State in Russia (31-37)

B. Zelenko Political and Legal Context of the Supremacy of Social in Modern Russia (38-45)

I. Savchenko, S. Ustinkin, S. Naumov Concept of “Help” in the Context of Labour Migrant Linguocultural Adaptation in the Russian Region (45-49)

V. Novozhilov System and Political Basis of Russia’s Activity in the Arctic Zone (49-53)

Youth of Russia – 21st Century

S. Сhuev, A. Timokhovich, S. Grishaeva Political Values of Russian Youth: Results of the Study (54-60)

O. Mosienko, L. Shtompel’, Yu. Zavgorodnyaya, A. Ponedelkov Student's Self-Government in Modern Russian Higher Education Institutions: Development Trends (61-69)

V. Filonenko, L. Shtompel’, O. Shtompel' Cultural-Leisure Preferences of Russian Students in the Period of Social Transformations (70-78)

E. Andryushina, E. Panova The Participation of Young People оf the Far East in the Electoral Processes (on the Example of Elections of 10 September 2017) (79-82)

Political Processes and Practices

P. Popov, V. Saraev, A. Cherenev From the Election Results in the Russian Federation of 2016 at the Regional and Macro Regional Levels to Evaluating the Perspectives of the Candidates of the Main Parties at the Presidential Elections of 2018 (83-87)

N. Platonova To The Issue of Increasing in State Financing of Political Parties in the Context of the Economic Crisis in Russia (88-92)

S. Gomanova Territorial Public Self-Government as a Development Factor of Ecovillages in Russia (92-95)

I. Zarankin Models and Factors in the Recruitment of Ministers of the Russian Federation and France Governments: a Comparative Analysis (96-101)

Religion, Society, State

Yu. Dzhabrailov Islam and Ethnicity in Dagestan: Peculiarities of Mutual Influence (on the Basis of an Expert Pool) (102-106)

N. Filin Conflict of Old and New Religious Forms in the Iranian Political Life after the 1979 Islamic Revolution (107-110)


A. Nesterov Social Significance of the Institute of Probaction in Russia: Domestic and Foreign Experience (111-115)


R. Barash Worldview, Sociocultural, Social and Political Attitudes of the Sevastopol’s Residents after 2014( According to the Results of the Sociological Research) (116-122)

S. Ushkin Attitude of the Population to the Protests in the Provincial City (123-129)

Domestic Experience

A. Sokolov The Principles and Factors of Personnel Work in the Cheka (130-136)

M. Gaditskaya Roads and Local Authorities in the Rural Habitation of the South Russia of the 1930s (136-141)

O. Rezanenko Socio-Political Membership of Counter-Revolutionary Terrorist Group at Stalingrad Tractor Plant in the 1930s (142-145)

K. Ablyazov Conservative Transformation of Russian School Education at the End of the XIX Century (146-151)

Foreign Experience

Song Lei The “Chinese Path” – the Path of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (152-157)


D. Badaraev “Officials” in Social Stratification of the Mongolian Society in the Period of the Qing Empire (158-162)

Ch. Tsyrenov Essay «Table of Merits and Faults»» and Chinese Society of Sung Period (960-1279) (163-168)

Focus on Politics

N. Medushevskii The Migration Crisis in Europe Through the Prism of Statistics (169-172)

V. Gribovskii Parliamentary Elections in Germany and Austria: the Reasons for the Protest Forges’ Success (173-177)

G. Gadzhimuradova The System of "European" and "Islamic" Values in the Context of the Migration of Muslims to Europe. (177-181)

A. Adiev Land Reform and Protests in the Nogai District of Dagestan (the Analysis of the Events of 2017) (181-186)


E. Kudelina Chekhov International Theatre Festival Phenomenon (187-190)