Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  Power 2016 No 12

The Main Topic

V. Yakunin Russia and the West: from Dialogue to Confrontation

K. Gadzhiev The European Union at the Crossroads: a Conceptual Aspect

A. Koshkin, A. Khmelevoi NATO-Russia Relations: from Partnership to Harsh Opposing

I. Gladkov Foreign Trade of the EU: Trends in the Sanctions Period

A. Kovalev, V. Mrochko “The Confrontation of Civilizations” and the Modern Political Reality

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

I. Khalii, K. Pod’yachev The Results of the Elections in 2016 as a Reflection of Socio-Political Development of Russian Regions

E. Andryushina, E. Panova Modern state policy of development of the Far East: trends, problems and prospects

I. Shapovalova, O. Reznichenko The Effectiveness of the Countermeasures to the Technosphere Risks

V. Vagin, N. Shapovalova Information Campaign of Initiative Budgeting: the Content and Principles of Successful Realization

The Political Mosaic of Russia: Current Perspective

I. Grashchenkov “The Kremlin Rating” of the RF Governors 2016

R. Latypov, C. Timasheva The Rotation Cycles of the Ruling Elite as a Factor of Crises of Russia's Political System

Political Processes and Practices

I. Frolova, L. Gazizova The Municipal Authority as a Political Phenomenon: Russian Interpretation

O. Sivintseva, S. Titova Local Self-Government as the Institute of Public Participation: Russian and Chinese Trajectories of Development

T. Miller Institutions and Network Practices in Government Decision-Making in Russia

N. Borisova Language Preferential Policy in Ethnic Territorial Autonomies: Research Model Keyline

Security and Society

A. Rudakov, S. Ustinkin Warped Identity as a Resource of International Terrorism and the Element of Hybrid Warfare

K. Ryabov Corruption in the Communal Services: Problems and Prevention on the Basis of the National Standard Service of Quality for Citizens


O. Smirnova, O. Zhernovaya, V. Podguskov Migration Situation in Russia, its Evolution and Long-Term Trends

V. Surguladze Strategic Planning in the Subjects of the Russian Federation: Problems of the Inter-Regional Co-Development by the Example of Moscow Province and Moscow City

M. Dulyasova, V. Markin “Safe University” in the Social and Project Discourse: Monitoring and Efficiency Evaluation

N. Mikhal'chenkova German Universities: New Development after the Reunification of the Country

M. Ovsepyan Current State and Prospects of Development of the Armenia Republic as a Part of the Customs Union

G. Gadzhimuradova Women's Migration from the Arab-Muslim Countries in Europe: Causes, Current Status and Prospects

Ideas and Meanings

N. Medushevskii The Origins and Prospects of Modern European Identity Formation

G. Kolobova About a Subject of Economic Politology

Religion, Society, State

N. Polivaeva Missionary Work in Russia - a New Political Reality

I. Tsyrempilova Regional Power and Religious Institutes on the Territory of the Republic of Buryatia in 1920-1930s: the Specificity and Transformation of Relations

L. Abaeva Cultural, Social and Political Components of the Problem of Buddhizm Adaptation by the Mongolian People

N. Filin The History of Religious Mentoring Institution in Shi’a Islam


I. Savchenko, L. Snegireva, S. Ustinkin Factors of Corruptogenic Personality Formation: Hierarchy and Expert Estimates

E. Andreeva , N. Dergunova Socio-Cultural Portrait of Young Russian University Graduates who Emigrated abroad

Domestic Experience

T. Kuras Institute of Candidates for Judicial Positions at the Trial Chambers of the Russian Empire

N. Baranets, A. Verevkin, O. Ershova, A. Gorshkova Ideological Attitudes and Soviet Science in 1920-1930s

A. Polyakov The Work of Party Bodies of the Gorky Region with Managerial Staff during the Great Patriotic War


B. Tsybenov The Daurs Compulsory Service during the Qing Dynasty

Focus on Politics

G. Matishov, D. Kotelenko Ukrainian Nationalists on Guard for US Interests

D. Lanko, I. Tarasov, Ya. Shvets The Active Agents of “Soft Power” of Germany in Estonia: Analysis of Organizational Factors

E. Urazbaev The Measurement of Nationalism Institutionalization in the Baltic States: Organizational Aspect

Sh. Adzhib, Ya. Volkov The Global Political Process and the Specifics of its Development in the Middle East

R. Emirov On the Question of the Ideological Foundations of the Islamic Revolution Export

Center and Regions

A. Abramov, O. Stolyarov To the Issue of Improving the Management of Socio-economic Development of Regions


E. Demidova Review of the Book «Brinks of Russian Education»