Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2015 No 4


A. Kazakov Color Revolution in Russia: Is It a Myth or Reality? p. 5

A. Galkin The National Problems in the of Period of the Perturbations p. 11

A. Kryvenko The Ukrainian Crisis and Threats to the Territorial Integrity in the Russian Federation p. 14


V. Belozerov The National Security Strategy of the United States as a New Manifesto of the Global Hegemony p. 19

S. Mel’kov Yankees are Everywhere: How USA Have to Dominante?! p. 25


Ya. Plyais The Political and Administrative Elite of Modern Russia: Problems of Transformation p. 29

V. Dykhanov Institutional Basis for the Social Partnership in the Russian Regions p. 34

I. Sosina, N. Grigoriev The Main Trends of the Regional Policy in the Far Eastern Federal District p. 38

E. Bodrova The Development of the Oil and Gas Complex in Russia: Problems and Prospects p. 44

I. Gladkov Russian Foreign Trade under Conditions of the Sanctions (2014) p. 48


V. Mikheev Institutes of Civil Society in Politics and Administration p. 53

G. Avanesova, E. Ivanova Ethnogenesis of the Russians and the Ukrainians in the Framework of the Imperial Statehood p. 58

A. Zhvitiashvili Social and Class Structure of the Russian Society: Some Trends of the Development p. 64

A. Chervinskaya About the Structure and Impact of the Russian Self-Identification in the Context of Relations between the Russians and Migrants p. 70

G. Karpova, N. Mihina Cultural Policy of the Modern Russia: the Legislative Regulation and Mechanisms of Realization p. 73


A. Kolesnikov, M. Topalov, A. Shipilov The Image of the Local Authority in Small and Middle- Sized Cities: the Expert Opinion p. 79

V. Gusev The Ethical Aspects of Business Practices in Russia: the Behavior of Corporations towards Russian Mono-тowns p. 84

A. Paltcev The Eurasian Basis of the National Security of Russia p. 90

I. Sitnova Heritage of Fascism: Western Psychological Discourse of the 20th Century p. 93

A. Kuznetsov The Problems of the Legal Concept of Advertising in the Russian Legislation p. 99


T. Badmatsyrenov The Religious Situation and the Religious Communities in Buryatia p. 103

Sh. Kashaf Challenges to the National Identity: The Muslim Response in the Russian Case p. 107


E. Boyko, V. Menshova Values of the Civil Service and Civil Servants: Prospects for Russia p. 116

E. Bobrovskaya The New Mythology in the Political Culture of the Consumer Society p. 123


Yu. Krjuchkov, A. Karpova, D. Karpov, A. Abramovskikh The Science Sphere as the Choice of Young People p. 128

P. Merkulov, E. Malik, K. Budarina Institutionalization of the Youth Organizations and Associations in Modern Russia: Problems and Prospects p. 140

V. Yankovskaya, R. Khaydarov The Influence of Rating Characteristics of the Organization Leader on the Quality of the Working Life of the Employees p. 145

S. Dergachev About Some Regional Aspects of the Technologization of Professional Development of the Civil Servants p. 152

L. Gaisina Social Technologies as a Tool of System Transformation in Personnel Management p. 155


V. Shilov Historical Science and Authority: the Problem of Relationship, part 3 p. 161

M. Lukyanov The Extremist Trend in Russian Conservatism and the World War I p. 165

P. Frolkin, E. Marutskiy. D. Shishkin L. Svoboda's Czechoslovakian Military Unit on the Territory of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War p. 169


S. Kholyaev About the Mechanism of Interaction between Central and Regional Structures of the Bolshevik Party during the October Revolution p. .174

P. Vostrikov, B. Korolev The Politics of the State Censorship in the Sphere of the Periodic Press in Russia in the Second Half of the 19th – the Beginning of the the 20th Century p. 178

N. Vinogradova «Masquerade Orgy»: the Radical Press about the Coronation of Alexander III p. 183

S. Abylkalikov Resettlement Processes in Russia in the 19th–20th Centuries p. 189


E. Tyurin, E. Savinova National Style of the Development of the Political Process in Modern Scotland: the Problem of the Scottish Identity p. 195

D. Badaraev The Influence of Turbulence on Modernization Processes in the Mongolian Society p. 201

I. Riasnov China's Policy in the ASEAN Organization p. 205


L. Kuras Mongolia in 1911–1913 (Contemporary Russian and Mongolian Historiography) p. 209


N. Asonov Objectivism and Political Ideology p. 216

V. Lyublinsky Socio-Economic Transformations and the State Policy. A View from Mongolia p. 220