Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2015 No 7


Table of Contents


N. Gribin What Will Happen to the World in 2030: Forecast of the US Intelligence p. 5
E. Danilova, O. Babkina The Image Positioning Model of an Innovation University in Russia p. 14


O. Mikhajlenok, O. Shchenina Power and Non-Systemic Opposition as Subjects of Political Consensus p. 24
O. Tsvetkova Intra-Country Models of Regional Relations p. 30


E. Bodrova Not by Bread Alone?.. Some Results of the Agrarian Policy in Russia p. 36
T. Karadge Chaos Theory and Technology of External Management p. 41
D. Kwon Political Corruption: Its Concept, Purposes, Subjects p. 45
V. Shishikin The Energy Market Directive Regulation in the EEC and the EU in the 1960s –1990s p. 52
P. Levin Theoretical Understanding of the Concept of Regional Party System p. 59
G. Magomedov Ethno-Cultural and Ethno- Political Problems of Modern Dagestan p. 62
A. Semenov Modern Aspects of Political and Economic Sanctions in the International Relations p. 67
A. Chernavskiy Features of Modern Media Consumption and the Phenomenon of New Media p. 73
V. Ignatenko Factors and Methods for Increasing the Electoral Participation of Russian Youth p. 75


E. Romanovskaya, N. Fomenko Identity and Commemoration p. 81
N. Maslodudova, V. Shinkevich Politological Analysis and Contemporary Vision of the Issue of the Best Political Regime and Form of Government Choice p. 84
N. Baranetz, A. Verevkin, S. Marasova Historical Memory of Scientific Community p. 89
M. Vasilieva The Problem of Freedom in the Transcendental Philosophy of I. Kant p. 96
E. Kudryashova, A. Gorshkova The Phenomenon of a Mathematical Genius in Public Opinion p. 101


A. Skorik Social Potential of Personal Behavioral Reactions of Students p. 105
V. Razinskaya Potential Territorial Mobility of Perm Young People p. 111
P. Merkulov, A. Eliseev The Estate Youth Policy: a Historical Background of Mechanisms of State Regulation in the Youth Field p. 115


L. Abaeva The Strategies and Tendencies of the Buddhist Religious Confession in the Monoethnical and Polyethnical Societies p. 120
I. Aktamov, T. Badmatsyrenov, N. Tsyrempilov Buddhism in Russia in the Internet Dimension p. 125


N. Deeva Ethical Aspects of Social Contract in Russia p. 131
Kh.Gadzhiev Political Institutions: Institutional and Neo-institutional Approaches p. 134
M. Pishchulina Specificity of the Elections as a Feedback Channel p. 140


O. Kuzivanova The Problem of Conceptual Fundamentals of Modern National Policy of Russia p. 143
V. Bazarov The Russian-Chinese Relations in the First Quarter of the 20th Century: Mongolian Question p. 149
S. Darchieva State System and the State Duma of the Russian Empire at the Beginning of 20th Century p. 153
V. Tyan The Change of Ethno-Political Priorities of Power in the Management Process p. 157
A. Zhukov The Military Implications of the Presence of Russian Immigrants in Poland (1918-1945) p. 165


I. Vasilenko, L. Titarenko, M. Abassy Political Values of Democracy in Russia, Belarus and Poland: a Comparative Analysis p. 170
V. Pinkin The Problems and Prospects of the Eurasian Economic Union’s Enlargement p. 178
R. Matvienko Changing of Neoconservative Agenda: Ideological and Political Preconditions p. 184
A. Yudin Features of the State Social Policy in the Developed Western European Countries p. 188


R. Yusupov, M. Vus To the Question of Improving the Model Legislation on State Secrets in the Framework of the CIS IPA p. 193
S. Safina Constitutional Law in the Russian Federation: Concept and Subject of the Regulation p. 196
R. Shul’ga Constitutional and Legal Regulation of Restriction on Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen when Ensuring Military Security p. 201


S. Ustinkin, E. Savrutskaya «Human being in the Communication System. Problems of Globalization and Youth». The XI International Scientific and Practical Conference p. 204