Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2015 No 3


K. Gadziev Fundamentalism in the Intersection of the Western and Islamic Values 5

A. Shatilov The Ideological Transformation of the Elite of the Modern West in the Beginning of the 21st Century 14


V. Komarovskiy Formation of the National-State Identity of Russia: Challenges and Risks 20

N. Asonov, M. Lazarev The Policy of Conservatism as a Matter of Time, not the Whim of the Authorities 27

D. Rubvalter, S. Shuvalov Implementation of the Strategy of Innovation Development of Russia: Evaluation of the Outcomes 30

V. Kalinov About the Role of the Oil and Gas Complex of Russia in Overcoming the Inhibition of the Processes of Modernization 38

E. Danilova, I. Teplova Management of the Innovation Activities of the Defense Industry Enterprises as a Mechanism for the State Positioning of the Russian Federation 42


E. Aralova Spirituality and Humanism in the Period of Renaissance 48

L. Abaeva The Buddhist Canon in the Context of the Development and Transformation of the Ethno-Cultural History of the Mongolian Peoples 52

E. Maykova, S. Filippchenkova Risks of the Personal Autonomy in the Social Trajectory 57


Ju. Jumasheva Archives of the Electronic Documents: Problems and Possible Solutions 61

A. Sokolov Electronic Communication in the Social Activity of Citizens 67


V. Shilov Historical Science and Authority: the Problem of the Relationship, part 2 72

L. Gaisina The Formation of the Transformation Mechanism Model of the Personnel Management System 76

I. Balueva Innovative Approaches to the Local Self-Government under Conditions of the Housing and Communal Services Reform 81

Kh. Tonoyan, G. Yulina The Methodology of Coaching of the Cossack Martial Arts 86


A. Ponedelkov, S. Vorontsov About the Perception of the Political Leadership at the Regional Level 91

V. Stegniy Historical Consciousness of Students 99

E. Petrova Problems and Prospects of the Local Self-Government in Some Siberian Regions 108

M. Eflova Social Exclusion of the Drug Users: Sociological Analysis 112

P. Polikarpov Medical Services through the Prism of the Public Opinion in the Saratov Region 116


A. Kerimov The Legitimacy of the Political Authority in Modern Russia: Foundations and Perspectives 121

R. Gotlib The Formation of the Linguistic Competence of the Russian Business and Political Elite in the Contemporary Situation 123

M. Scherbina Public Councils at the Executive Authorities: the Social Assessment and Control 129


A. Prokhorov The Problems of Cultural and Educational Work in MVD (MGB) of the USSR in 1946-1960s 134

V. Nikolashin The Activities of the OGPU in Tambov Villages in the 1920s–1930s 137


T. Kuras The Appeal in the Russian Civil Process: History and Modernity 144


S. Orekhova The Migration Policy in France 149

V. Bazarov Modern Mongolian-Chinese Relations: Vector of Foreign Policy of Mongolia (1990s–2000s) 152


O. Khlopov The Causes and Outcomes of the Low Oil Price: the Interests of the USA and Saudi Arabia 156

P. Kandel A Suspicious Cardiogram, or a Crisis of Confidence 161

V. Kazadaev Stability of the Parliamentary System and Elections in Slovakia 166


P. Simush The Sacrament of the Authority: Lermontov Clarifies 171


E. Grigorieva, Z. Zaripova The RIN C-Index. What is New? 179


V. Bokarev Ideological and Political Message of the John Lennon’s Song «Revolution» in the Focus of the Foreign, Soviet and Russian Historiography 183


E. Ihlov A Forester in the Forest of Intelligentsia 188

T. Kashchenko Feed Yourself to Become Slender 191