Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2015 No 11



R. Yusupov, I. Bachilo, M. Vus, O. Makarov Development of Model Legislation for Information Security p. 5
V. Prilepskiy, A. Semenov Political Factors of Improving Russia’s Military Organization in Modern Conditions p. 9
A. Tkachenko The Integrational Nature of the Eurasian Economic Union: Problems of Migration p. 14
M. Gorbunova, I. Komarov, E. Livanova, S. Ustinkin The Development Potential of Modern Sino-Russian Political and Economic Relations p. 21


B. Bazarov, V. Bazarov, E. Nolev The New Silk Road: the Open Door Policy of China p. 29
R. Latypov, R. Salahutdinova, M. Ishmuratov Comprador Intelligentsia as an Instrument of Neo-Colonial Policy of the West in the Countries of Peripheral and Semi- Peripheral Capitalism p. 35


A. Dakhin Regional Stratification of Society: Global and Local in Culture, Economics, and Politics, part 2 p. 40
E. Isaeva The Mechanism of the Formation of Public Councils under Government Bodies in the Regions of Russia: Comparative Legal Research p. 48
D. Osipov, V. Bol’shakova Subjects of State and Municipal Control and Supervision p. 53
A. Perezolova Access to Information, Consultation and Public Participation in Urban Policy: Case Studies of Tallinn and Moscow p. 58
M. Ekzekov Problems of Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Federation p. 63


I. Krevskiy, S. Matyukin, A. Ostashkov Ensuring the Effective Interaction between Universities and the Real Economy p. 68
A. Kornienko Factors of Transformation of the Organizational Forms of Science in the Knowledge-Based Society p. 74
K. Istomina, S. Nikitova Social Preconditions of the Formation of Basic Values in Higher School p. 80
V. Sidorov Family Policy in the System of State Social Policy p. 83


O. Loiko, A. Korneeva Virtual Space: a Chaotic Polylog or an Intense Dialog? p. 89
V. Zotov, I. Bronnikov Information and Communication Technologies – the Keynote of the Urban Management p. 94
R. Barash Factors of Information and Communication in Self-Organization of the Russians .p. 101


G. Petrova, A. Kornienko, I. Brylina Humanitarization as an «Invisible Fluid of Spiritual Life» of the University p. 110
V. Suvorov Autocracy and Peaceful Strategy of Russia’s Expansion in Asia in the Concept of «Easternizm» p. 115
S. Rassadin «Social» vs «Rational»: Instrumental Reason and Social Knowledge p. 118
V. Nasybullova Z. Brzezinski «Strategic Vision»: Transformation of Opinion p. 123
R. Matvienko Morphological Approach to Ideology p.126


E. Komarovskaya, G. Zhirkova Teachers' Competence in Culturology in the System of Improvement of Professional Skill p. 130
K. Zabelin The Working Class as the Subject of Socio-Cultural Changes p. 135
L. Belikova Versions of English Language p. 138
V. Bashkuev The Contemporary Peculiarities of Medical and Biological Adaptation of Mongolian and Kyrgyz Migrants in the Republic of Buryatia p. 142
Kh. Tonoyan, A. Egorov Rehabilitation of Students with Poor Health in the Institutions of Engineering Education during Activities in Physical Training p. 147
V. Tonoyan, N. Nemchinov, Kh. Tonoyan Throws in Sport Karate p. 152


Yu. Khairullina, M. Solov'ev Value Orientations of the Youth under Modern Conditions: the Role of Religious and Ethnocultural Values p. 156
D. Maslanov, I. Podsevatkin The Russian Population and the Political Development of Russia: the View from Abroad and Contemporary Perceptions p. 160
I. Golubev Educational Potential of Modern Students p. 166


A. Degtyaryev The Neva Battle: its Place and Significance p. 171
P. Dudin The Legal Basis of Activity of Governmental Bodies of Manchukuo p. 176
D. Zhamsueva The Egituysky Datsan: Archival Evidence of the History of the Lamasery Construction p. 180


A. Soboleva Special Aspects of Social Adaptation of the Village Youth in Towns of the Buryat- Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1920s-1930s. p. 185
Yu. Antonov Evolution of Moral Values in Views and Activities of Russian Military and Naval Commanders in the 19th – early 20th century p. 189
E. Makhantsova The Activity of the Russian Red Cross Society during Crop Failures in Simbirsk Province in the late 19th – early 20th Century p. 193
T. Kobzeva Review of Economic Activity of Zemstvo in 1870s-1890s p. 197


M. Karnaukhova, I. Talina, E. Timoshina China's Policy in Education at the Present Stage p. 202
Ya. Borovikova The Experience of NGOs and Associations Aimed at Work with the Aged in the United States of America p. 205
Chia-wei Chen Patron-Client Relations in Party Systems in the Far East and Southast Asia p. 210


A. Koshkin, A. Novikov Political Prospects of Russia and the EEU Development under Western Sanctions p. 214
D. Gurinovich BRICS – Transnational Geopolitical Institute of Modern International Relations p. 221