Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2018 No 09



Principle of Sobornost’ in Priority Projects of the Russia’s Strategy: Regional Aspect Igor' Ivanovich Bazhin P.7-14


The Influence of Family and Institutes of Education on the Formation of the Youth Value Consciousness Elizaveta Petrovna Savrutskaya, Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin, Dmitrii Vladimirovich Semenov P.15-25

Reliability of Coverage of the Political Situation in Russia by Modern Media in the Perception of Students Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Ezhov P.25-28


The Role of the Internet in the Political Sphere of Society. Part 1 Vladimir Viktorovich Shilov P.29-34

Internet Technologies in Mass Movements Aleksandr Vladimirovich Sokolov, Asiyat Akhmedovna Kurbanova P.35-41


The Foreign Ministry's Council of Heads of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation as a Mechanism for Coordinating Regional International Relations: Historical and Methodological Aspects of the Problem Ol'ga Yur'evna Dubrovina P.42-47

Constitutional Framework of the Strategic Objectives of the Municipal Service Valentina Mikhailovna Bol'shakova P.48-50

Methods of Rationing of Public Services: Problems of Application Oksana Ivanovna Bondarenko, Larisa Anatol'evna Ol'khova, Ekaterina Alekseevna Padalka P.51-56

The Mongolian Economic Corridor as Revitalization of the Great Tea Road: Possibilities of the Development of Russia, Mongolia and China Cooperation Damdin Dorzhievich Badaraev, Irina Dorzhievna Van P.56-62

Interregional Russia-Brazil Connections as a Subnational Level of Russia-Brazil Relations Irina Vladimirovna Livanova, Ruslan Rustemovich Salamov P.62-67

The Main Stages of the Congolese-American Relations Ol'ga Sergeevna Rybkina, Goldi Zhyunior Ngoma Lokhuolo P.68-72

On the Way to Authority Dmitrii Gennad'evich Mironov P.72-76

World Cup 2018 as an Effective Tool of Soft Power Natal'ya Nikolaevna Ustyukhova P.77-79


Religiosity and Issues of Interethnic Relations in Russia Svetlana Valentinovna Ryzhova P.80-84

Does the Equality of Religious Associations before the Law Allow the Existence of Traditional Religions? Evgenii Georgievich Golovin P.84-90

The Assessment of the Activities of Regional Authorities on Information and Ideological Counteraction to Religious and Political Extremism Muslimat Alkhilaevna Magomedova P.91-96

Intra-Confessional and Inter-Ethnic Relations in Dagestan in the Context of Creation of the Aukh District Yusup Dzhabrailovich Dzhabrailov P.97-102


Aspects of Russian Identity: an Experience of the Problem Statement Lyudmila Ivanovna Nasonova, Leonid Ivanovich Lazebnyi P.103-109

Post-Soviet Dynamics of the Development of National Ideology in the Context of Spiritual Safety of Russia Regina Massarovna Mukhametzyanova-Duggal P.110-113

Libertarianism in Russia and the United States: to the Question of the Differences Nataliya Alekseevna Kuznetsova, Ol'ga Mikhailovna Orlinskaya, Ekaterina Georgievna Molokina P.114-116

The Philosophy of the Reforms of Emperor Alexander I (from «Symphony of Authorities» to Liberal Ideas) Aslanbek Khavazhovich Denil'khanov P.117-126


Modelling of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Russian Regions Viktor Vasil'evich Voronov P.127-134

Labor Precarization and Protest Sentiments of Socially-Oriented Professional Groups in Russian Society Lyudmila Vladislavovna Klimenko, Oksana Yur'evna Posukhova P.134-141

Dynamics of Political Development of Russia in the Assessment of Regional Political Elites Viktoriya Munkoevna Ochirova P.141-146

Formation of the System of Internal and External Independent Estimate of Educational Services Quality in Higher Institution Aleksandr Georgievich Tyurikov, Ol'ga Sergeevna Borovinskikh, Kseniya Aleksandrovna Golubeva, Diana Anzorovna Kunizheva P.147-152

Large Families: a Sociological Analysis of the Problems of their Social Protection (on the Example of Moscow) Mikhail L'vovich Malyshev, Tat'yana Nikolaevna Uspenskaya P.153-161

Assessment of the Educational Services Quality and Relevance of Higher Education Institutions, Considering the Consumers’ Opinions Павел Викторович Разов, Айнара Надировна Амерсланова P.162-167

The Material World of Migrants in the Context of Transnational Migration in Russia Vera Mikhailovna Peshkova P.167-172


Parliamentary Activity of Deputies with the Repeated Parliamentary Status in Late Imperial Russia: Case Study of the State Duma of the 4th Convocation (1912–1917) Igor' Konstantinovich Kir'yanov, Sergei Ivanovich Kornienko, Anna Vasil'evna Senina P.173-179

Local and Central Management: Caucasian Governor-General and Vladikavkaz City Council-Experience of Interaction (The Beginning of the XX Century) Svetlana Valer'evna Darchieva, Anzor Valerievich Darchiev P.180-184

Student Trade Union Organizations in the System of Political Management of the Soviet Society in the First Years of the Soviet Power: Economic and Political Conditions of Formation Pavel Aleksandrovich Merkulov, Anatolii Leonidovich Eliseev, Dmitrii Vladimirovich Aronov P.185-194

House or Apartment: about Attempts of Rural Architectural Practices Modernization in the 1930s (on Materials of the South of Russia) Marina Aleksandrovna Gaditskaya P.194-200


Influence of Civil Initiatives on the Transformation of Germany Party Structure Bella Anatol'evna Nochvina P.201-205


Fair Trade in Transbaikalia in the Last Third of 18th – the First Quarter of the 20th Century: Stages of Development Liliya Vladimirovna Kal'mina, Anna Maksimovna Plekhanova P.206-211

Tsugol and Shenekhen Datdans in the Comparative Aspect Darima Sanzhievna Zhamsueva, Oyuuntsetseg Luvsan P.212-216

From the Great Mongol Empire to the Era of Mongol Khanates: Evolution of the Political Significance of Titles of Mongol Rulers Aleksandr Dmitrievich Gombozhapov, Evgenii Vladimirovich Nolev P.217-222


Dynamics of Characteristics of Publication Activity in the Russian Fundamental Science in Comparison with the BRIC Countries Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Rubval'ter, Valentina Aleksandrovna Markusova, Il'ya Aleksandrovich Libkind, Natal'ya Markovna Kamen', Aleksandr Naumovich Libkind P.223-235


The Economic Terrorism of the USA with Regard to Europe, Russia and Other Countries Igor' Mikhailovich Sinitsyn, Pavel Gennadievich Kuimov P.236-241

Ukrainian Crisis Boris Aleksandrovich Shmelev P.241-247

Pridnestrovian Moldavan Republic in the Regional Palette for Forming the Zones of Geopolitical Projects in the Black Sea Region Roman Aleksandrovich Tatarov P.248-254

EU Security Threats and Coping Mechanisms Nikolai Andreevich Medushevskii P.254-259


Electoral Processes in Russia and Europe: Experience of Scientific Understanding Boris Safarovich Ebzeev P.260-263

The Modern Continuum of Forms of Business Organization Valerii Yakovlevich Zalmanov P.263-266

Does History Teach Anything? Pavel Efimovich Kandel' P.267-270