Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2017 No 7

7 M. Glukhova, A. Shokhin Special Capital Investment Project: the Viewpoint of Business

The Main Topic

13 Yu. Volkov, G. Denisova, A. Lubsky Regulation of Inter-Ethnic Relations: the Formation of Value Policy and Regional Practices of Management in Modern Russia

23 L. Dzakhova, Z. Gusov The Specificity of Civil Society in Russia and its Role in the Innovative Development of the Country

27 O. Ivanov Political Interests in Socio-Political Conflicts in Modern Russia

38 A. Golovchenko Modernization Potential of the Liberal Project and Expectations of Citizens in the Post-Soviet Russia

44 D. Kaplunova Russia as a National State: Discussions and Expert’s Forecasts

Youth of Russia – 21st Century

49 V. Filonenko, Yu. Filonenko, L. Skachkova, A. Ponedelkov Socialization and Education of Higher Education Students in the Teachers’ Assessments

60 E. Andryushina, E. Panova The Modern Russian State Youth Policy: Evolution, Main Directions and Practice

66 A. Matraeva The Creativity of Students as a Factor of Innovative Development of Society

69 V. Vinokurov Intellectual Migration of Students of Kaliningrad Region: Expectations and Reality

Communications and Society

75 I. Vasilenko The Role of Symbolic Capital of Culture in the Information Society

80 T. Mel'nikova The Role of Digital Socialization in the Process of Modernizing Political Culture in Present Russia: Setting the Research Goals

85 E. Reutov Institutionalization of Distrust in the Legitimation of Social-Structural Interactions in Local Communities


92 E. Danilova Comparative Analysis of the International Armed Forces Branding and Russian National Branding of Innovations in the Defense Industry as a Response to the Global Challenges of Our Time

108 D. Yakovlev, G. Shilova Multidimensionality of the Space of Child’s Personality Development

Ideas and Meanings

113 S. Ustinkin, A. Rudakov Approaches to the System of Measures for Counteraction of Falsification of National History and Protection of Historical Consciousness of the Peoples of Russia

120 A. Zaikin, V. Volkov Political and Philosophical Foundations of Parliamentarism as an Institution of Representative Democracy

125 L. Abaeva Buddhist Symbols in the Historical and Cultural Paradigms and Modern Social and Political Processes of the Mongolian People

130 D. Ayusheeva Western Interpretation of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”


136 A. Moroz Blocking units Formations of Russian Army in the Great Patriotic War

142 I. Gurlev The Interaction of the Police and of the Gendarmerie in the Russian Empire (1826-1917)

149 A. Gombozhapov To the Question of the Forms of Cooperation of the Nomads of Mongolia

154 N. Medushevskiy, M. Gordeeva Social Tolerance in the Works of Russian Researchers

Foreign Experience

162 M. Ponyavina Features of the State Educational Policy of Democratic Countries

166 N. Mikhal’chenkova Higher Education Reforms in BRICS Countries – the Westernization or the Search for their Own Way

174 Yin Ruyu The Use of "Grand Strategy" in News Coverage as an Important Way to Promote China's "Soft Power" (Using the Example of CCTV News)

178 B. Kabylinskii Political Culture and Social Conflict in North Korea: Ideology (I)

182 M. Kolykhalov The Model and Features of International Relations of the Cantons of Switzerland

Focus on Politics

187 V. Hosseinzadeh Russian-Iranian Relations in the Framework of the Settlement of the Syrian Crisis

Students Write


191 R. Karpov The National Security of the Russian Federation in terms of the Information War